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Spotting in early


We have so many articles among our sites about early pregnancy spottingearly pregnancy and progesteroneearly pregnancy and symptoms.  Here we are focusing on spotting in early pregnancy.  

If you have been trying to get pregnant for any length of time you know what it is like to be looking for early pregnancy symptoms.
The egg only has a short window of time to connect with viable sperm.  This must happen within a span of 24 – 36 hours at most.  Miracles DO happen, but let’s stay within the normal course of events and expectations here.

Once the egg is released the sperm must “catch up” with it in this short window of time. After ovulation and the release of the egg, and the 24 hour period following, the fertilized egg will then begin its travel down the fallopian tube to the uterus, in search of implantation.  In other articles we will discuss how to make this ovulation time optimal but for now we will assume that we have a good egg, great sperm and a GREAT connection.  LIFE!  BOOM!
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Causes of Blood Spotting

Let's start with a list of questions to determine causes of blood spotting.  They have articles listed below to help you further. Are you pregnant? See our article listing Pregnancy Spotting and Spotting in the First Trimester. Do you wonder if you might be pregnant? You will want to visit our...

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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Spotting

You will find many opinions on the internet about Red Raspberry Leaf Tea as with anything else. One thing I will say is that it is very safe and those who say it is not I gladly group with the uneducated in this area, the worriers who do not understand the principles of herbs and how they work with the body or with those who write about what they do not know in order to have content on their sites.

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