… Some of these 10 Symptoms of Early Pregnancy are repeated from the previous page:

8: This one I hate to even write about but must.  Morning sickness is the worst part of partnering in creating a new life.  In our pregnancy section we talk more about pregnancy issues and how to relieve uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy from the pictures.  This IS where progesterone played a huge role in my last 2 pregnancies.  For me, I knew I was pregnant in a few days and was sick by day 7 with my first and by week 2 with subsequent pregnancies.

9:  Now comes your husband’s favorite part.  Breast enlargement.  With estrogen on the rise breasts will swell.  You may notice color changes (usually farther along in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters) and the nipple to become more pronounced.  Your breasts may grow as much as a cup size in the 3rd trimester and after baby is born even more.  It is a wonderful part of being a woman and will compliment your beautiful round belly as you swell from your growing baby.

10: You may have a little cramping like a period but from an adjustment.  Not to worry, especially when you have other symptoms.  With cramping you would just want to keep a watchful eye for bleeding, not spotting but bleeding.


11:  An aversion to smells and foods.  I remember with my first child how sick it made me when the man next door to us cut his grass.  That was equally as bothersome as the simple smell of soap on my husband’s face when he would wash up.  Poor, good man.  He went through hell with me in order to enjoy our beautiful children.  YES, just cutting the cutting of grass and the smell of a clean washed man was awful for me.

12:  On the other hand you might begin to crave foods that have nutrients you are lacking or even foods that trigger memories.

13:  Heartburn.  This is not usually a first symptom but may be for those who did not consume a good diet prior to pregnancy.  This is because progesterone slows down the metabolism.

14:  Lastly, feel a strange need to spit.  When your hormones are not in balance there can be a higher mucus production and a bad taste in your mouth.  When you are REALLY out of whack this feeling will lead to excess and then vomiting will often follow.