If you have been trying to get pregnant for any length of time you know what it is like to be looking for early pregnancy symptoms.

The egg only has a short window of time to connect with viable sperm.  This must happen within a span of 24 – 36 hours at most.  Miracles DO happen but let’s stay within normal opportunities here.

Once the egg is released the sperm must “catch up” with it in this short window of time. After ovulation and the release of the egg, and the 24 hour period following, the fertilized egg will then begin its travel down the fallopian tube to the uterus, in search of implantation.  In other articles we will discuss how to make this ovulation time optimal but for now we will assume that we have a good egg, great sperm and a GREAT connection.  LIFE!  BOOM!

In my first and most of my subsequent pregnancies, I knew I was pregnant within DAYS.  Can you believe that?  I’ve had 12 pregnancies and 7 were miscarriages.  With all of them I knew almost immediately.  Most are not “so sensitive”.  I also had very hard pregnancies until I began the research that has helped me to build so many infertility and fertility information sites.  You can see a list of those sites at 1emailaddress.com and products we have developed for better health at Whole Family Products; including the Fertility Tracker and Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream our most popular progesterone cream.  We have also just launched our new line Fertile Products with Fertile Male and Fertile Female.

I digress….

So, down the tubes we go, separating and growing in just the first couple days.

There are others, I am sure, but here are what we know to be the most common early pregnancy signs  or symptoms.

1)  The new life makes its way to the uterine lining and burrows in. A placenta begins. The hormone hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) production begins as this new life tells the mother’s brain that it has begun. PARTY in the womb! If you have been following the simple advice steps of overcoming infertility or have just been watching carefully, you will most likely be taking your temps. You may also being using a Fertility Tracker a fertility monitor using salivary ferning to detect fertile times, pregnancy and other signs you may be looking for right now. Two things will happen simultaneously.

2) Ferning will show at the day of implantation. This is usually present because when implantation occurs there is a surge of estrogen and the start of a placenta.

3) The second part of this step at the same time will be a sudden dip in temperature; much like dip before you ovulate. This should make sense, if you think about it because the estrogen rise cause the progesterone to drop.

4) If progesterone is at work and things are progressing, you should also notice a rise in temperatures each day but to a second level. Click here for some temperature examples of before ovulation through early pregnancy. Please do not believe it to be about exacts temps. You should be looking for patterns. Most likely if you do not have a second rise then you are not pregnant or need to be sure you are not progesterone deficient. According to Dr. John R. Lee, MD it is rare that a woman is NOT deficient in progesterone these days and this is why he recommends it for all women as a safety net when trying to conceive. After implantation day, you should notice a change in temperatures at waking and your the ferns disappear. (Read more about this at FertilityTracker.com.) I am assuming that you know the term BBT – Basal Body Temperatures and not be confused with Basil Body Temperatures. No pasta here. From this point on with the rise of progesterone so there should also be a rise in temperatures. NOTE of interest: Estrogen is cooling. Remember that your temperature goes down when estrogen spikes to release the egg and your temps go up when the egg is released. Therefore, the same is true with conception since progesterone rises.

5) Implantation spotting is often the first sign to a soon to be mom. It happens when your new life burrows in but is not usually seen before other symptoms occur. Your baby is tiny and therefore there would only be a tiny puncture, creating only a tiny bit of blood. Don’t be alarmed if you do not feel it or see any spotting because most of it goes unnoticed by the time it reaches the toilet paper. The reason for this is that spotting takes a few days to travel its course. Small droplets of blood do not have the same movement as larger amounts during your period. Some say it can take up to almost 2 weeks but this is not a good sign for implantation to be delayed. I think I should note because of the name of this site that this is good bleeding and as long as it does not continue for days and weeks it is fine. Implantation spotting can be pink spotting, brown spotting, red spotting (but this is more of a concern) and can be mixed with the other moisture on the toilet paper and not even noticed. I have been so anticipatory about conceiving again that I would wipe very HIGH up trying to figure it all out down to the seconds. The next 5 symptoms and signs of pregnancy are not experienced by all but are helpful to know about.

6) A need to urinate frequently. By the time you are at the end of your pregnancy you laugh at what you thought was a lot. The point is that you will most likely pee more often. Later on your bladder and other parts of your body will start the softening needed for delivery. With the softening comes the relaxation of the pelvis. Your uterus will lift up as it grows which will take the pressure of the bladder as well.

7) Noticing that you are more tired than other times is very common. Your body is focusing its attention on the new life and tiredness follows. Again, just wait until your 3rd trimester.

8) This one I hate to even write about but must. Morning sickness is the worst part of partnering in creating a new life. In our pregnancy section we talk more about pregnancy issues and how to relieve uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy from the pictures. This IS where progesterone played a huge role in my last 2 pregnancies. For me, I knew I was pregnant in a few days and was sick by day 7 with my first and by week 2 with subsequent pregnancies.

9) Now comes your husband’s favorite part. Breast enlargement. With estrogen on the rise breasts will swell. You may notice color changes (usually farther along in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters) and the nipple to become more pronounced. Your breasts may grow as much as a cup size in the 3rd trimester and after baby is born even more. It is a wonderful part of being a woman and will compliment your beautiful round belly as you swell from your growing baby.

10) You may have a little cramping like a period but from an adjustment. Not to worry, especially when you have other symptoms. With cramping you would just want to keep a watchful eye for bleeding, not spotting but bleeding.


DID I SAY 10 SYMPTOMS OF EARLY PREGNANCY?  OK, So I lied.  Well actually more keep coming up so we just add them in.  We have more:

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