Early Pregnancy Spotting

First see our article about Implantation Spotting if you are awaiting pregnancy confirmation and our Fertility Products to purchase Ovulation LH tests, Pregnancy tests, Hormone Level screening, Progesterone Creams and other helpful products.

If the spotting blood is pink and not brown, you will want to check this more carefully and decide a few things:
Where are you in your cycle? Do you know that you are pregnant or are you concerned because you have pink spotting at a time when your period would normally be coming? Have you taken a pregnancy test?  Are you taking your basal temperatures or using a Fertility Tracker Fertility Monitor?  You want to determine where you are timing-wise.

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If you have determined that you are in fact pregnant, you will want to watch the spotting more closely.

Is it pink?  If the spotting is pink and is beyond a full cycle AND you are pregnant then the first thing to consider is if you are drinking enough.  Does that sound too simple?  It is not.  When your body is dehydrated it will cause your muscles remain stiff and rigid.  This can cause the baby’s sac to begin to break free of the uterus.  When this occurs, there can be spotting.  Make sure you drink lots of water and do not exercise so much that it will cause dehydration.

Have you had your hormone levels checked recently? Are you low in progesterone / high in estrogen?  Do you have a history of heavy PMS? Estrogen Dominance? If so you may want to consider progesterone supplementation.

Since spotting means just a small amount of blood then you should monitor any spotting that occurs. If you are wiping on any regular basis and believe you are spotting, this is not the same. Spotting will just expose a small amount and should not last long at all. It can return regularly but would have more of a cause than just implantation.

Should you find that you are bleeding / spotting more than the small drops mentioned above or that the color of the blood turns darker, going from pink spotting to darker pink, to red spotting contact your doctor immediately.  I will say that it is our belief that every woman should have a jar or bottle of natural progesterone cream next to the bed for use each month; ovulation to menstruation.

If you are using progesterone cream you will want to be sure not to forget a dose during this time.  Progesterone supplementation is recommended as well by Dr. John R. Lee, MD make a few notes.  It is actually progesterone that keeps the lining of the uterus fluffed up so that the fragile baby’s sac will be safely nested.

Make notes to yourself about when you first notice the spotting begin to share with your doctor if it continues or worsens. For instance, you will want to mark that you woke up with a small tinge of blood but there was nothing else for that day. The next morning you find that the same is true but there is nothing else again during the day.  Note if you have had extra stress or have been over exerting yourself.  Don’t feel guilty if you take it easier in the first trimester; after all your baby depends on you.

I would say this, if you experience cramps at all with spotting, drink water, relax and use natural progesterone cream according to the directions.  If your bleeding begins to turn brighter red and cramping continues to grow stronger and you are not using progesterone cream a miscarriage may be inevitable.  Taking it easy, drinking more than adequate liquids, nourishing your body (B6 is great for stress, if you are in a high stress situation.) and prayer are your best defenses.

Let me tell you a story about a dear friend of mine.  She was told that there was nothing that could be done and there was no heart beat to be heard.  A D & C was said to be the only choice.  She instead returned home and decided to wait it out.  Her son is now 14.  A D & C is not necessary except in the case of hemorrhaging.   Don’t let anyone act hastily when YOUR baby is at risk.

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