Spotting in the First Trimester

Of the many reasons for spotting, it is almost impossible to know for sure unless you have clear signs following or you were to check with a doctor.

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Often times someone will have a negative pregnancy test and yet the period never comes. This is confusing but usually points to the fact that a miscarriage has occurred but the uterus is not aborting. This can happen even weeks into the pregnancy.

When the baby is not forming and growing, a week uterus can take weeks to contract properly and sometimes you will ovulate again before you actually seem to miscarry. This is more common than you would think but actually happens very often.

Not going into a miscarriage labor is called a “missed abortion”. It means that your body did not have what it needed to complete the loss. I have personally had one. We thought our baby was 15 1/2 weeks old but the baby had actually died at 9 1/2 weeks. This is the worst kind of miscarriage. I have been through 7 and it was the worst of them all since it seemed we were out of the “danger zone”. We did not know we had lost our baby until we had an ultrasound and found that our baby was lost to us.

There was no spotting, just a routine check up and what we thought would be the first time we heard our baby’s heartbeat. This is not meant to be morbid but to address this subject from many sides.

With 2 of our children I had spotting off and on all the way through labor. One child was smaller than our others and we thought there might be a placenta previa situation but she was perfect at 6 lbs 3 oz 1 week early.

For another daughter, we thought the same and spotted off and on until I used progesterone cream for the rest of the pregnancy. All was well and I slept better than I had before too.