Below is a list of 10 Reasons for Spotting.

We have a number of articles for you surrounding the many reasons for spotting.  This is only the spotting FAQ list and the articles then support the reasons below.

We actually have 11 listed here but you will find them listed and better defined throughout our site.

  1. Spotting during ovulation
  2. Spotting after ovulation
  3. Spotting before a peiod
  4. Spotting after the period
  5. Menstrual spotting
  6. Reasons for spotting
  7. Mid cycle spotting
  8. Ovulation spotting
  9. First trimester spotting
  10. Spotting ovulation
  11. Bleeding during ovulation

Read more about spotting at Beyond Fertility . com also.  Spotting and progesterone go together well.