Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Spotting

You will find many opinions on the internet about Red Raspberry Leaf Tea as with anything else. One thing I will say is that it is very safe and those who say it is not I gladly group with the uneducated in this area, the worriers who do not understand the principles of herbs and how they work with the body or with those who write about what they do not know in order to have content on their sites.

Red raspberry leaf tea is the best friend of any woman on any given day of her life. It has a wonderful toning affect on the uterus and the body in general. It helps the body to retain elasticity and this is why it is helpful for a woman when she is pregnant or even after giving birth.

Red raspberry leaf tea is very necessary, in my humble opinion, for most ever woman who is going through infertility. I have seen many woman who go on to conceive against all odds have long, hard labors because they were able to get pregnant but did not undo a lot of what kept them from conceiving in the first place.

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NOTE: Many will tell you that you should not use red raspberry tea or red raspberry herbal tinctures if you think you are pregnant. This is not true but is more the product of not understanding the herb itself and its uses. Red raspberry does not force any action. It will not cause an abortion. Rather what is does it to strengthen and tone the uterus.

You uterus needs to gently contract properly in order to continually supply fresh blood to the itself for the endometrial lining. These gentle contractions strengthen the uterus for the time when it will push out your little one, strong into this world.

The blood filled uterine lining will nourish your baby right from the start by way of a healthy supply of nutrients by way of the placenta. If however your baby or embryo if you wish to call it that, has not attached then it is not receiving the vital nutrients and it not forming a placenta. If the uterus is rigid and does not receive the fertilized egg; your baby, a miscarriage will occur. Then your body will abort the “lost child”.

There is something called a missed abortion that often happens. This is when your uterus is not strong enough to reject. This is called a missed abortion and a month or longer can go by before your body will finally reject the baby.

The purpose of the red raspberry tea is to aid your body in contracting properly to receive and implant or to allow the miscarriage if you have already lost your baby. It will NOT cause the miscarriage; only aid your uterus in behaving naturally in either situation.

Does that make sense? It is not forcing an action; there is no violence and certainly it cannot be considered an abortificient of any kind. It helps your body to do what it would; if it could but does NOT force anything.