Hormone Levels and Pregnancy

Normal Values of Hormone Levels for Men and Women.

If you do not have access to hormone level testing through your doctor and/or you wish to Body Balance FeMale Checktest at home, consider using a ZRT Lab Hormone Test Kits or even Fertility Monitors like The Fertility Tracker, OvaCue and Cue II

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Below we have named the hormones, the phase these hormones are dominant, the day the hormones surge, their reference to the luteal phase and comments about each one.

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LH Luteinizing Hormone
Follicular Phase <7 mIU/ml
Days of LH Surge >15 mIU/ml
Mid-Luteal Phase n/a

Ovulation can still be possible while LH is normal.   When LH levels rise to about 1/3 of the level of a woman’s postmenopausal FSH level, menopause is considered complete.  To receive personal LH levels you must be tested by your doctor but LH Ovulation Strips and Cassettes are your best bet for tracking day to day rises in LH.

FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Follicular Phase <13 mIU/ml
Days of LH Surge >15 mIU/ml
Mid-Luteal Phase n/a
Comments and hormone test recommendations:

5-20 normal range; too low <5 can mean pituitary or hypothalmic failure; High 40mIU/ml – 200mIU/ml causes can be post menopausal, removal of ovaries or ovarian failure.

Over 20 may indicate menopause within 5 years.

This test needs to be done by your doctor.

Most refer to this as estrogen but there are several parts of

estrogen.  Estradiol is the most commonly tested.

Follicular Phase

Early follicular 30-150

Late follicular 100-500 ng/ml.

Days of LH Surge >100 pg/ml
Mid-Luteal Phase >60 pg/ml Late lut:  30-150 ng/ml.

Perimenopausal: >20,

Menopausal: 40-200 Female Check by Body Balance and ZRT labs for testing in the privacy of your home. 

Natural progesterone cream is the natural approach to offsetting high cyclic levels of  estradiol.

Progesterone See below for each part of the cycle.
Follicular Phase – not relevant at this time.
Days of LH Surge <1.5 ng/ml
Mid-Luteal Phase >15 ng/ml

Progesterone is absolutely necessary for the implantation of your baby.  We highly recommend natural progesterone cream to most every woman who is trying to conceive.

Female Check by Body Balance and ZRT labs provide the best way to test these hormones in the privacy
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